Lotos Teacher

When did you start with yoga and how long have you been practicing?

I started practicing yoga 8 years ago. In 2016 I got certified as a teacher and started teaching in some studios in Lima, Peru. In 2018 I did a second certification, focused on philosophy and yoga.

Why is yoga important in your life?

I have a degree in Philosophy, and it always seemed to me that the Western philosophy I studied at university was very rationalistic and neglected corporeality. The non-western philosophy courses interested me deeply and I tried to find harmonious ways to integrate yoga wisdom in a westernized context, with the daily demands that it implies in its accelerated and dynamic rhythm in the city. I try to constantly study and learn about yoga, theoretically and practically, and to combine it with my interest in Phenomenology. I am interested in first-person experience: the expressive processes that take place through movement and corporeality, and the psychic processes of self-exploration that we experience in a conscious practice. I enjoy sharing yoga classes with others creating a friendly and respectful environment for safe and fun practice.

What advice would you give to someone who is starting their yoga journey?

I would advise them to take it easy and be curious. Do not compare yourself with what you see on social media, leave aside the visual representation of how the postures “look” to feel them internally and understand the asana practice as a part of a broader path of personal exploration. It is important to enjoy the path of yoga with humility and openness, to consider yourself a human being in constant learning, and to always keep in mind that the ego should not blind the empathy.

How do you include yoga in your daily life?

I try to include yoga in my actions and my ways of relating to others and situations, considering that I am in the process of learning and growing. When there is a problem, I seek to take a certain distance from things to observe in a detached way what is happening, and I try not to take everything personally and to understand the motives and situations of others in an empathic and conscious way, open to help.

What can I expect when I join one of your classes?

I provide a comfortable and safe environment in my classes. I like each class to be oriented to the preferences and needs of the students. I consider the class a space for self-discovery, an opportunity to challenge ourselves, and as a space to practice humility and respect. My classes are dynamic, I offer many variations and open options to discover different ways to flow through poses. I love to end the class with a sound meditation and (depending on the circumstances) with a short massage during savasana.

What is your favorite asana?

I love arm balances, so I would say my favorite asana is the crow 🙂 I also enjoy floor poses like the final twists before savasana.