Lotos Teacher

When did you start with yoga and how long have you been practicing?

My first Yoga Asana was 12 years ago, so I was 14 Years old. I borrowed Dvd’s from the library. I havent practiced Yoga by heart. It was more to be flexible. Yoga became really a big game changer for me 2 years ago. Since that time I try to practice daily Meditation, Asanas, Pranayama and I work on myself.

Why is yoga important in your life?

Yoga helps me to be more balanced. I feel like I have found a place for me where I can be completely myself. I love how the practice of Yoga is changing my mind, my life, my body, my thoughts. I love the people I am surrounded by. I am just really grateful.

What advice would you give to someone who is starting their yoga journey?

I recommend to start with Hatha Yoga, to get a first impression. Afterwards you can join Vinyasa classes etc. If you feel really safe in Asanas. I think it’s important to just stick to the practice. I remember myself laughing for the first time singing mantras, feeling uncomfortable singing Om or feeling pushed when someone next to me was more flexible. Remember – the patience will come as on the mat so in your life. Also the practice is ALWAYS for you. This

How do you include yoga in your daily life?

I have my cleansing morning routine, meditation practice, I prefer to do Yoga Asanas in the evening. I check what I need. Sometimes its Yin, sometimes its Hatha, sometimes Vinyasa. I really have something now in my life I want to learn daily more about. Yoga helps me so much to grow as a human being.

What can I expect when I join one of your classes?

For me its important to always remind you, that this is your praxis. I want you to feel deep in your body, focus on you. I love it when it gets flexible and we stretch our bodies. I love Hatha so much. I love to tell you during the praxis which chakra we stimulate, which energy we activate and to release emotions.

What is your favorite asana?

Upavista Konasana – I feel like I can let go of everything and the floor holds me, whatever happens.