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Create your perfect sanctuary at home for online yoga, fitness or training.

2020 has come to a close and alot of us are reflecting on the year. Maybe it’s been a productive time with little to distract you from achieving your goals or alternatively a socially and physically isolating moment which we hope will end. Nevertheless 2020 is in the past and we are looking to the future and starting to plan what we can change and improve on in 2021. Unfortunately a lot of us are still in lockdown as the new year begins yet there is still positivity and hope on the horizon!

Many of us are looking for alternative ways to stay fit and healthy, whether it’s going for a morning run, turning your living room into a home gym or joining an Online yoga or meditation class. Online yoga is a great option to keep physically fit, flexible and mentally healthy. But what do you need to join an online yoga class? The truth is not much, but if you are interested in creating an online yoga space/sanctuary then here are our top pics:

1. Yoga Mat

A good yoga mat is a must have and has so many benefits over practicing on the bare floor. It keeps the hands and body warm which helps with redirecting energy and heat which is generated throughout a yoga flow. If you have ever tried Cat/Cow pose without a yoga mat you will know how painful your knees can get, a good thick yoga mat can protect your wrists, hands and knees from the hard floor below you, also the material will stop slipping and sliding.

When it comes to buying a yoga mat there are so many choices, but choosing the correct one comes down to personal needs.

Synthetic or Natural fibers?

Yoga mats come made in two main categories of material:

Synthetic – which are usually made of PVC, TPC or NBR. These materials are known for not being the best for your health. PCV once broken down (after 1 to many jump backs) can have carcinogenic tendencies. The bottom line is that synthetic mats were created to be a cheap alternative to natural mats.

Natural – Natural mats come in many different materials such as: Natural rubber, Cotton, Jute and Cork. A great first mat would be the Jade Level One  made from sustainable rubber. It is thick enough to protect your wrists but not so thick that it’s difficult to pack away. If a cork yoga mat interests you more we would suggest having a look at the Bodhi Cork Yoga Mat 

Yoga Mat Berlin Jade Manduka
Bodhi Yoga Mat Made From Cork

Bodhi Cork Yogamatte

2. Yoga Block

No matter if you are an experienced yogi or just starting out, a yoga block (or Two) is an important item to own. Trying out a new asana? A yoga block can help aid and protect you along with reducing the intensity. Just like yoga mats, Synthetic and Natural are the two main materials that blocks are made from.

Synthetic blocks are made of high density foam (sometimes recycled) and are cheaper (Sometimes) than natural alternatives. 

Natural – Made from cork or bamboo, these blocks feel great under your hands and provide excellent support. 

A great option for a cork yoga block is the Manduka Cork Block  it comes in 2 sizes and is made from sustainably sourced natural cork. 

Yoga Block, Strap, belt, which is used for online yoga Berlin

3. Good pair of yoga pants (or shorts)

Yoga includes a lot of stretching and moving in weird and wonderful ways! But to allow the body to do this you will need clothing that isn’t restricting. 

A good pair of yoga pants can solve this issue, they are breathable, comfortable and up most flexible! If you have never worn a pair of yoga pants then it’s definitely worth giving them a go (you might just never take them off). Out of all the items on this list yoga pants will definitely have the most variety to choose from. 

We highly suggest picking a pair which are: breathable, sustainable and fair trade. Yoga pants do wear out so picking a high quality pair is important to making them last. 

Our suggestion are a pair of Silvertech leggings from Organic Basics  they are sustainably made from recycled products and provide excellent support and flexibility for years to come!

If yoga pants are not really your thing then a pair of yoga shorts might be more your speed, our recommendation are the Manduka x shorts, a great option not just for yoga but a wide range of different sports and activities.

How to do an arm balance for online yoga berlin
Triangle pose used in online yoga must haves berlin

4. Incense

Creating a yoga space is very important. It allows the mind to switch into yoga mode and leave the stress and business behind. Using incense as aromatherapy can help the body make that transition. The difficult part is which incense to pick, to help with that choice here is our quick guide:

  •  Sandalwood is one of the most popular scents of incense, when it comes to meditation and creating a relaxing space, this one is great.

  • Rose incense is great for morning classes as a confidence and energy booster.

  • Cinnamon incense can be used to reduce stress and anxiety and allow the mind to focus.

  • Lemon, orange, and citrus scents are great energy boosters. Perfect for a Vinyasa or Ashtanga class to create focus and promote energy flow.
  • Vanilla is used as a cleanser to the body and prepares you for the class ahead.
  • Aloeswood is perfect for a Yoga Nidra session or something that has a large part of meditation involved, not recommended for vinyasa or high intensity flows.
  • Lavender incense has a calming effect. It has been used to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere. 

Try your local yoga studio when buying incense since they will normally have a good selection and can help with any questions you may have! 

5. Yoga Bolster or Meditation cushion

When it comes to slower flows such as Yin Yoga, Yoga for pregnancy or Yoga Nidra a bolster can support you and let you relax into an asana or meditation. This is especially useful when it comes to holding positions in Yin Yoga for 3 to 4 minutes or even more!
Bolsters can also be used in combination with blocks to create a relaxing incline position that can be an alternative way to mediate or practice Yoga Nidra.

Keep an eye on what the bolster is made of, try find one made from Bio/Eco friendly materials such as Bio-Cotton. We can recommend Lotus Crafts range of eco friendly  bolster that come in many different shapes, sizes and patterns!

How to use a yoga bolster in online yoga berlin

6. Online Yoga Card (Bonus)

Now that you have all of the equipment it’s time to practice. Finding the right class and studio is important. Here are the main yoga styles to keep an eye out for!

  • Yin Yoga is a slow flow that focuses on lengthening, stretching and gaining mobility and flexibility 
  • Hatha Yoga is a traditional form of yoga with roots stretching backing to ancient Indian culture, this style is great for all ability levels.
  • Vinyasa will challenge you and get your heart pumping. It is an intense flow focused on creating energy within
  • Yoga Nidra also known as Yogic Sleep, is a form of guided meditation which creates space for reflection and relaxation 
  • Ashtanga is a flow that follows the same sequence of asanas and is known for being a great morning flow to get you ready for the day!
  • Yoga for Pregnancy as the name suggests is for mothers looking to strengthen and prepare for a healthy childbirth or after childbirth, a way to connect with your newly born child along with rebuilding your muscles

If these flows interest you feel free to find out more about our classes and timetable (we have over 80 classes per week) and we look forward to flowing with you soon!

Find what works for you!

I hope that this list has help inspire you to create an at home yoga studio/space. Dividing up space in your house is really important when you need to get multiple uses out of a small space. Roll out the mat and light some incense, this will help switch your brain into yoga mode and out of work and stress mode. There isn’t one set way to create this space but many different elements which you can combine to make space that will work for you!

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