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Yoga Course

Pregnancy Yoga Course

Yoga For Two

Health Insurance Subsidised Pregnancy Yoga Course

Yoga during pregnancy helps you to create a safe space with yourself, your baby and other mothers.
Yoga asanas, meditation, music and gentle breathing exercises help you to relax, let go of fears, recharge your batteries and prepare for the birth. Find out how to return to your inner center again and again, in order to face all challenges with serenity, acceptance and to fully trust your own feminine power.

Effects of pregnancy yoga:

Yoga for pregnant women prepares you for birth through breathing, movement and meditation. It offers you a wonderful opportunity to become more familiar with your own body, to strengthen and relax it through gentle stretching. This course can also be taken as a prevention course if desired. The health insurance will then usually cover the course fee in full or on a pro-rata basis.

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Pregnancy Yoga Times:

Yoga in pregnancy: Mondays 16:00 in English or Wednesdays 11:30 am in German, 8 Classes. This course is subsidized by health insurance companies. After the end of the course we can fill out a certificate of participation, with which one can get the costs fully or proportionally reimbursed by the health insurance.

Pregnancy Yoga Course​

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  • Health Insurance Subsidised
  • 8 Classes
  • Professional personal advice