Teaching Yin Yoga
and TCM
Workshop Weekend

Lotos Yoga Berlin Academy is happy to announce the next Yoga Teacher Training Modules on Teaching Yin Yoga and applying TCM elements to the practice.


14th and 15th Aug

11th and 12th Sep



Weekend 1

The first weekend we will learn the principles of Yin Yoga, its background, Taoism and most relevant concepts like Fascia, practical and functional anatomy, injury prevention and sequencing. Understanding the body, our Anatomy and how to put it into practice. We will also learn practical teaching into Yin Yoga. How to create and sequence a class. Also how to respond to students needs.
Yoga Nidra Stretch

Weekend 2

During our second weekend we will concentrate on the elements according to Chinese Medicine and applying them to the Yin Yoga practice. We will be also looking at the Meridians and we will apply this knowledge into practical teaching.
Of course there will be plenty of time for practice and discussing these amazing themes throughout the classes.

We are looking very much forward to meeting
you all in the next 2 weekends!